New Casting Descriptions For ‘Picard’ May Tease The Return Of ‘Star Trek: Voyager’s The Doctor

New casting information has surfaced for CBS All Access’ as-yet-untitled ‘Star Trek’ series starring Patrick Stewart, reprising his famous role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and it’s possible that Picard might not be the only ‘Trek’ vet that the show will include.  It’s also possible that The Doctor from ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ could make a comeback. Check out this casting description, which sounds pretty familiar: Dr. Smith — Producers are seeking a male actor of any ethnicity in his 30s or 40s for the part of a hologram that assists the crew of Picard’s ship in cases o emergency, in the fields of “engineering, tactical, science investigation, and medical issues.”  “Dr. Smith” (which may not be the character’s real name) is programmed to learn from its experiences, but not to become “self-aware.”  He is described as “calm, efficient, and empathic, but he sometimes has difficulties sorting out others emotional reactions to get at the facts.” If this isn’t a new version of The Doctor (originally played by Robert Picardo), it’s clearly a spin on the classic Spock/Data archetype. The action of the new series takes place after the destruction of Romulus.  This event factors heavily as Picard has spent a long time developing a relationship between the Romulan Empire and […]

Source: New Casting Descriptions For ‘Picard’ May Tease The Return Of ‘Star Trek: Voyager’s The Doctor

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