PODCAST: Promethee 1313

I sat down with writer Andy Diggle, artist Sean Martinborough and cover artist Jock about this prequel graphic novel to the classic French graphic novel series. I also chat with Chip Mosher of Comixology where the graphic novel will be available.

PODCAST: Sonequa Martin-Green

Actor talks about the upcoming season and what is ahead for her character of Michael Burnham. She touches upon Burham's relationship with adoptive brother, Mr Spock. Roundtable recorded at NYCC.

PODCAST: Time Capsul Episode 339

This episode taped at New York and San Diego Comic Cons looks at science fiction and science too. Rufus Sewell talks Man In The High Castle season three, from the Mars roundtables are scientists Lucianne Walkowicz and Michio Kaku, Neil deGrasse Tyson talks Cosmos, the showrunners from Nightflyers David Bartis and Gene Klein preview the new SyFy series, and we meet the new Mr Spock in Ethan Peck.

PODCAST: William Hawk

Author who writes under the name of his main character about a series where a team can "snap" into the body of someone from the past and live their experiences. His new novel Parallax is actually a prequel to his novel Ignition. There's a lot of mystery here about this novel, it's author and characters.

PODCAST: Patrick Lohier

We chat about his supernatural overtones novel about Ludwig Mason, a down and out marine tasked with finding a rare deck of tarot cards. Interesting publisher is the multi-platform, Adaptive.

PODCAST: Marcy Harriell

Talented actor plus clothes designer talks about her new show on bluprint called RE: Fashion which features Suit Up where she shows her designs for costumes of classic DC Comics characters.

PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 338

I chat with author Patrick Lohier on his new novel, Radiant Night which has supernatural overtones. Marcy Harriell tells me about her new Bluprint series, RE: Fashion where she designs costumes for cosplayers and fans in Suit Up. Peter Sullivan talks to me again about his horror, The Cucuy: The Boogeyman on the latino take on this horror legend.

PODCAST: Curtiss Cook Of Manifest

Interesting series about a plane that lands five and a half years after take off with no one on board with any memory of what happened. Curtiss plays Radd, a Jamaican who is a classical violinist who performed a one night concert but returns those five and half years later.

PODCAST: Marc McClure

Actor talks Supergirl 1984 and how he reprised his Jimmy Olsen role. But he can't help looking back on his work on the Superman series working with Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder and Richard Donner. Some great memories are shared.

PODCAST: Helen Slater

Talented actor looks back at her turn as Supergirl and also how she has voiced and starred as other characters in the DC Universe. Record at SDCC.

PODCAST: Jonathan Berman

My interview with this filmmaker about George Van Tassel who built the Integratron . Does it heal, is it a Time Machine or a hoax ?

PODCAST: Julian Gough

Interesting novel about Virtual Reality and how it contrasts with our own world.. Author Julian Gough called this his greatest work as we chat about themes in his book impact us today.

PODCAST: Angelique Roche’

She's a journalist, attorney, storyteller, and podcaster. She is Angelique Roche' who talked to me before the first episode of Geeksplain aired. We chat about diversity, what she had planned for Geeksplain and Richard Matheson's I Am Legend.

PODCAST: Hollis Jo McCollum

Interesting series about an Elfin woman who could save her planet by first time author Hollis Jo McCollum. We chat world creation, her fantasy influences and her love of cosplay.

PODCAST: Makayla Lysiak

Talented actor talks to me about playing Barbara Robinson in Mr Mercedes. She also talks about her role in The Last Ship plus the upcoming in What Still Remains.