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Tony Tellado, Host and producer of Sci-Fi Talk, a podcast and multi-media blog on sci-fi,fantasy and horror in various mediums. copyright 2010 Si-Fi-Talk LLC

PODCAST: Philip Gelatt


A chat about an interesting film about two ex-lovers who happen to be sciencetists explore an area once belonging to a cult. Is the area haunted ? Is there some other force ? Or is it something more ? .....

PODCAST: Carmilla Special


From NYCC roundtables are Elise Bauman who is Laura Hollis and Natasha Negovanlis who is Carmilla chat about their groundbreaking LGBT vampire series now a full length movie. .....

PODCAST: Mercedes Bryce Morgan


We chat about her work on bringing the story of Catherine Langford's early years into the Stargate Universe. We also talk about how she has produced webseries in the past featuring strong women's roles.Episode 3 of Women's Work podcast series. .....

PODCAST: Stargate Origins’ Ellie Gall


She takes on an iconic role in the Stargate Universe for the new Stargate Command website as young Catherine embarks on the first stargate experience. We chat about this and the blood spilled in her role in Ash Vs The Evil Dead.Episode two of Women's Work. .....

PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 321


I look back at the round tables with Chandler Riggs of The Walking Dead with comments from Andrew Lincoln. My featured interview is with Lyndsy Fonseca on her film, Curvature. .....

PODCAST: Adrienne Mitchell


I spoke to this talented artist about the creation of this series about a serial killer haunting a small town. This is episode one of my Women's Work podcast series. .....

PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 320


Thanks to Walt Disney Pictures, there is director Ava DuVernay of A Wrinkle In Time on the red carpet. Another big March film has Alicia Vikander talking the Tomb Raider reboot courtesy of Paramount Pictures. Special thanks to EPK.TV. I also chat with the Dell Sisters on their Crypt TV short, Troubled Youth and director Philip Gelatt on his film, They Remain. .....

PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 319


I have comments from Alex Garland and Natalie Portman on their film, Annihilation courtesy of EPK.TV and Paramount Pictures. I also speak to James Turner on his latest ya fantasy, Theo Paxstone and the Dragon of Adryon. There is more with Stargate Origins lead, Ellie Gall on her role as Catherine Langford. .....