The Walking Dead Season 7: Heartache And Hope

The controversial seventh season began with a heartbreaking episode as one of the big bad of the comic book series, Negan made his on screen debut in the personna of talented actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. They group lost two of their own and for the first time looked beaten and a shadow of their former selves.

Ben Bova

From 2008, this noted author and I discuss his novel, Mars Life and our fascination with the angry red planet.

PODCAST: Michael Emerson

He was the mysterious Henry Gale Aka Ben Limus on Lost. This actor began his career on stage working with Kevin Spacey and Roger Rees.His film appearences include, Saw, The Legend Of Zorro, and Straight Jacket

George R.R. Martin

First time novelist George R.R. Martin circa 1996 joined Ernest Lilley of SF Revu and myself to discuss his new novel which in present time is now an HBO Series.

Stakeland Special

Interviews with cast members Sean Nelson, Michael Cerveris (Fringe) and director Jim Mickle at Planet Hollywood, New York.

Danny Huston

Talented actor chats with me about playing the Colonel in the Warriors Way which mixes genres like Asian mythology, swordplay and the Old West.

Tribeca Genre Films 2017

They call them their Midnight section of the festival but don’t be fooled. There have been some very good and rising directors from these films since I covered the festival since 2013. Here is this year’s Line-Up.

Every Single Nude Scene In A Game Of Thrones

From - Every Single Nude Scene From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Science Fiction So someone saw a need for this. It’s every nude scene from ‘Game of Thrones’ spliced together.

Life After Face Off

First year Face Off Winner spoke to reporters updating them on his work and his Face Off experiences. The former winner has worked on The Hunger Games and season two of The Walking Dead, and Vampire Diaries

PODCAST: Chris Longo Of Den Of Geek

I chat with Den Of Geek's Deputy Editor on the site's exciting new features for 2017 plus we talk A.I. , Virtual Reality and what we like on the big and small screen.

PODCAST: Andrew Lockington

We chat about scoring this interesting SF film about a boy born on Mars making his first trip to Earth. We also talk about his scores for San Andreas, Aftermath, and the new Jason Momoa series, Frontier.

PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 278

Marlene Forte talks to me about her new role in the Netflix Cyberpunk series, Alterted Carbon. Lastly I chat with Olivia Taylor Dudley about her pivotal role as Alice Quinn in SyFy’s Magicians.

Time Capsule Episode 276

Pollyanna McIntosh talks The Woman from 2011. She just joined the cast of The Walking Dead. I spoke to Chin Han who is starring in the long awaited Ghost In The Shell

Michael Wylie Legion Production Designer

We chat about the challenge of designing this Marvel adaptation of the acclaimed comic. Michael also talks about his designs for Grimm, Agent Carter, and his work as art director for Men In Black 2 and much more.

Time Capsule Episode 277

I chat with Lauren Ashley Carter who stars in a new SF film, The Imitation Girl about her dual role. Marco Beltrami talks the themes he scored for the hit film, Logan.

PODCAST: The Expanse Season Two Episode Two

The self proclaimed misfits of the Roci, Cas Anvar and Wes Chatham who discuss their characters, their unusual relationship and the direction of season two with the dreaded proto-molecule.