INTERVIEW: Colony’s Sarah Wayne Callis

The Walking Dead alumnus and now Colony star playing Katie Bowman spoke to us about the first season before the finale aired.… Read More INTERVIEW: Colony’s Sarah Wayne Callis


Barry Berman Continues Family Tradition

The term family business applies in Barney Burman’s case. With his uncle Ellis Burman he shares working on Star Trek in two different forms. Ellis worked on Star Trek Nemesis and Star Trek Enterprise, while Barney worked on JJ Abrams Star Trek and recieved an Oscar. His father Tom Burman did the great make-up on Cat People. He chatted with us about his work on Grimm… Read More Barry Berman Continues Family Tradition

Lost Girl Exploring The World Of Faes

The SyFy Channel had a phone press conference after it acquired the series with some of the cast of Lost Girl. Joining the conference were Anna Silk who plays Bo, a Succubus (a powerful female entity in folklore) who feeds off sexual energy., Kris Holden-Reid who is Dyson, a shape-shifting Fae, homicide detective and Bo’s love interest, and Zoie Palmer who is Lauren, a human doctor who competes for Bo’s heart.… Read More Lost Girl Exploring The World Of Faes