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PODCAST: Emily Hampshire

I spoke with Emily Hampshire who plays Jennifer Goines on SyFy’s 12 Monkeys plus some of her other projects including Borealis and the sitcom, Schitt’s Creek

PODCAST: Neil Gaiman

From roundtable, this award winning author describes the new Starz TV series based on American Gods his 2001 novel. He chats about working with the showrunners and writing material for the series. He also cites characters that when cast surprised him. Please not this is not for small children.

PODCAST: Rian Johnson And Nathan Johnson

Before he got the gig writing and directing the next Star Wars Episode Eight, Rian Johnson directed a neat time travel movie, Looper with Bruce Willis. I chat with Rian and also his cousin, Nathan who composed the music. Taped at SDCC in 2010.

PODCAST: Doug Jones

I chatted with this talented and multi-faceted actor about his new role in the space opera Space Command plus his role as Cochise in Falling Skies

PODCAST: Brian Herbert

I catch up with this prolific author on his latest book, The Little Green Book Of Chairman Rama plus his collaborations with Kevin J Anderson in the Dune and Hellhole series.

PODCAST: Richard Hatch

Vintage 2006 interview with Richard Hatch discussing his return to Battlestar Galactica. and the original series. Richard passed away in 2017.

PODCAST: Tricia Helfer

My Best of series returns with a press conference with this model turned actor. She discusses playing a character on Burn Notice and the complicated relationship between Number Six and Baltar.

PODCAST: Gareth Edwards

Podcast interview with the filmmaker who made one of the most engaging indie SF Films of the year in Monsters. Gareth Edwards uses his special effects background in directing the film but more importantly, his ability to tell a compelling story. Special thanks to Magnolia Pictures and New York Comic Con. Visit the official site.

PODCAST: Michael Shanks

Two vintage conversations with the former SG-1 actor talking season ten of Stargate, the 200th episode and in the second conversation about working with Gail O’Grady in a TV movie and “never” appearing on Sanctuary.

PODCAST: Greg Grunberg

Podcast interview with talented actor who was Matt Parkman on Heroes talks to me about his series and the fight against epilepsy.

PODCAST: Sisterhood Of Dune

Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson join me to discuss their newest work about the formative years of the Bene Gesserit, Mentat School, The Swordmasters, The Navigators, The Suk Doctors and Spacing Guild.

PODCAST: Brian Downey

Former star of Lexx looks back on the series and talks about his then work with American Horror’s Jessica Lange. Vintage 2014 conversation with a funny actor.

PODCAST: Ghost Adventures

Podcast interview with Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin taped at San Diego Comic Con in 2010 discussing their investigations, their passion for the subject and equipment.

PODCAST: The Dead Files

From 2014 - Hosts Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi join me to preview their special investigation on the Lizzie Borden House and their second season. Special thanks to the Travel Channel.

PODCAST: Dolph Lungren

Actor spoke to me about returning to his role as the Universal Soldier in Regeneration plus his directing career and reuniting with a former Rocky IV co-star.

PODCAST: Ryan Buell

I chat with the host of Paranormal State which is finishing its successful 5th Season on AE Network. We not only look at the series but the Paranormal Research Society that he founded plus a look at his first book.


Creative director for DC Universe Online talks about the challenges and the Beta version of this new MMO.

PODCAST: James Marsters

Vintage interview as he was about to apear on Caprica. We chat Buffy, English accents, his film work and even his singing.