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Trends: ET’s And UFO’s

First of three parts as I hear from James Abbott of The Outsiders Guide To UFO’s, 11th Green director Christopher Munch and Seth Breedlove of Small Town Monsters. TRENDS ET’S […]

The 11th Green

I chat with the writer and director of this UFO film, Christopher Munch where Campbell Scott plays a reporter who finds evidence in his new home once lived in by President Eisenhower.


Interview with writer and director Daniel Myrick about this film about a boy who had a UFO encounter then tries to get answers in adulthood. We look back at his film, The Blair Witch Project as well.

Taylor Hickson

Actor in Motherland Fort Salem as Raelle. We chat about the character's individuality and look back on her role in Deadly Class.

Jose Altonaga

Co-writer and director of the movie, Reawakened about a woman possessed by a witch.

Bill Oberst Jr

Talented actor talks about his role in the new film, Greatland and his venture into podcasting with his Gothic Goodnight.

The End Of Quantum Reality

Interesting film about our reality as I speak to Rick Delano, who is the driving force to this film. An interesting exchange of ideas.

Bob Blanton

Author tells me about his Delphi Federation and Stone series.


I speak to co-writer and director Eric Demeusy and actor Ryan Masson.


Author Robert Jackson Bennett talks about his book two of the Founders Trilogy with its fresh look at magic.


Authors Tina Cesa Ward and Bin Lee talk about this comic that blends politics and robotics.

Eliot Laurence

The creator of Motherland Fort Salem talks about putting this series together with some teases for season two. Hint: unique flashbacks.

James Tucker

The producer that has guided the DC Animation continuity brings it home in JLA Dark Apokolips War.