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PODCAST: Julian Gough

Interesting novel about Virtual Reality and how it contrasts with our own world.. Author Julian Gough called this his greatest work as we chat about themes in his book impact us today.

PODCAST: Angelique Roche’

She's a journalist, attorney, storyteller, and podcaster. She is Angelique Roche' who talked to me before the first episode of Geeksplain aired. We chat about diversity, what she had planned for Geeksplain and Richard Matheson's I Am Legend.

PODCAST: Hollis Jo McCollum

Interesting series about an Elfin woman who could save her planet by first time author Hollis Jo McCollum. We chat world creation, her fantasy influences and her love of cosplay.

PODCAST: Makayla Lysiak

Talented actor talks to me about playing Barbara Robinson in Mr Mercedes. She also talks about her role in The Last Ship plus the upcoming in What Still Remains.

PODCAST: Webtoon’s David Lee

If you're a comic creator this interview is for you. David Lee of Webtoon talks about how their original online comics dealing with up and coming comic creators. There's even a contest to attract these creators.

PODCAST: Science Fair

I sat down with filmmaker Cristina Costantini, Science Fair contestant Kashfia Rahman and teacher Dr. Serena McCalla to discuss this amazing and hopeful film.

PODCAST: Cas Anvar: The Expanse To Dragon Con

We chat about The Expanse invading Dragon Con with information on panels and the chance to thank the fans in person for saving the series. We also chat about the series new home and what it means.

PODCAST: Kevin Carroll

Talented actor talks about playing forensic psychologist Dr Alan Wilson in Facebook Watch’s Sacred Lies. This series is a about a girl found without her hands yet still managed to […]

PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 336

This week a look at Down A Dark Hall with comments from Anna Sophia Robb, Isabel Fuhrman and director Rodrigo Cortes thanks to Lionsgate.Chris Gorham talks The Flash in The […]

PODCAST: Kari Wahlgren

Kari has an impressive resume of talents voicing Tigress in Kung Fu Panda on TV plus Starfire in Teen Titans The Judas Contract and worked for Disney and Marvel plus lending her voice to many video games

PODCAST: Barney Burman

Oscar winning special effects make-up artist talks about directing his first feature in Wild Boar. He also reflects on his work on Grimm and his family’s connection to the Star […]

PODCAST: Jeff Russo

Talented artist scored the first season of Star Trek Discovery plus also scoring both Legion and Counterpart. He tells me what draws him to a project and the challenge of […]

PODCAST: Diego Hallivas

Interview with director of this time travel mystery featuring Linda Hamilton and starring Lyndsy Fonseca.

PODCAST: Marshall Hilton

Interesting conversation about this bigfoot film done by special efx artist Patrick Magee. Besides the film, we chat about what drives creative people to keep trying after falling down so many times.

PODCAST: Seth Breedlove

Interesting conversation with the director of a documentary on this UFO incident back in 1952 and how it has taken on urban legend status.

PODCAST: Joel Craig

A fun graphic novel about a world where guns only stun and when people fall, they always land softly. Fun but there's a message too.

PODCAST: Dr Clifford V. Johnson

We chat about his graphic novel about regular people sitting down talking science. Dr Johnson is also a consultant on Avengers The Infinity War, Thor Ragnorok and Agent Carter.

PODCAST: Joshua Leonard

Talented actor talks to me about his latest role in the Steven Soberbergh directed, Unsane. We also chat about his indie career that began with The Blair Witch Project and has led to him writing and directing movies.

PODCAST: Gary Morgenstein

We chat again about his new book where radical islam wins World War 3, limits baseball except for Yankee Stadium.

PODCAST: Northbound

I chat with these two filmmakers who are part of a team that created a web series Northbound as a prequel to a feature film yet to be made called Northstar about a father and daughter in a post apocalyptic world.

PODCAST: Philip Gelatt

A chat about an interesting film about two ex-lovers who happen to be sciencetists explore an area once belonging to a cult. Is the area haunted ? Is there some other force ? Or is it something more ?

PODCAST: Carmilla Special

From NYCC roundtables are Elise Bauman who is Laura Hollis and Natasha Negovanlis who is Carmilla chat about their groundbreaking LGBT vampire series now a full length movie.

PODCAST: Mercedes Bryce Morgan

We chat about her work on bringing the story of Catherine Langford's early years into the Stargate Universe. We also talk about how she has produced webseries in the past featuring strong women's roles.Episode 3 of Women's Work podcast series.

PODCAST: Stargate Origins’ Ellie Gall

She takes on an iconic role in the Stargate Universe for the new Stargate Command website as young Catherine embarks on the first stargate experience. We chat about this and the blood spilled in her role in Ash Vs The Evil Dead.Episode two of Women's Work.

PODCAST: Adrienne Mitchell

I spoke to this talented artist about the creation of this series about a serial killer haunting a small town. This is episode one of my Women's Work podcast series.

PODCAST: Larry Nemecek Of The Trek Files

We catch up with his new podcast, The Trek Files where rare Star Trek documents are examined and their impact on Trek history. We also chat about all things Trek and Star Trek Discovery of course.

PODCAST: Surge’s Vincent J. Roth

We chat about Surge's origins and latest adventure, Surge Of Power: Revenge Of The Sequel loaded with genre favorite actors. We cover topics like playing one of the first openly gay superheroes and their new webseries, Surge Of Power Big City Chronicles.

PODCAST: Harry Lennix

We have a lively chat about his latest project, Alternate Universe: A Rescue Mission plus what we can expect from The Blacklist. We also cover his passion project, Revival.

PODCAST: The X-Files Special

Roundtable conversations with Chris Carter, David Duchovny, and Gillian Anderson chatting up the new ten episode season starting on January 3rd from NYCC.

PODCAST: Author Jeremy Holden

I speak to this interesting author about the second Mal Thomas novel that does involve time. We chat about the implications of the story and how we perceive time.

PODCAST: Liam O’Donnell : Director Beyond Skyline

We chat about the making of this new Skyline that tells the story of Frank Grillo's embittered cop trying to make sense of this invasion and save his son. This is an international production with a larger scope than the first film.

PODCAST: Supergirl Season Three Special

Roundtable interviews taped at SDCC 2017 include Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, David Harewood, and Jeremy Jordan talking the new season and costume changes. Special thanks to Justin Cavender of Geek Legacy

PODCAST: Aliens Zone Of Silence

Based on an actual area in Mexico, La Zona De Silencio, this film combines found footage and a straight on narrative as Morgan played by Sara Hester looks for her missing brother in the zone. I chat with Sara and her director, Andy Fowler.

PODCAST: The Tick Season One Special

From the roundtables at New York Comic Con are Scott Spieser who plays Overkill, Brendan Hines who Superian, executive producers Barry Josephson and David Fury, Michael Cerveris who is Ramses IV, Yara Martinez who is Ms. Lint and Ben Edlund

PODCAST: The Sandman

I chat with Peter Sullivan who wrote and directed The Sandman for the SyFy Channel which was executived produced by Stan Lee.

PODCAST: Batman Vs Two Face Special

Roundtable interviews discussing Adam West's last performance as Batman. Included are Burt Ward, William Shatner, Michael Jelenic, and director Rick Morales. Special thanks to Gary Miereanu


Interviews from the roundtables include director Roll Riene, Greg Foster of Imax, Anson Mount, Serinda Swan,Ken Leung, Eme Ikwuakor,Sonya Balmores,Mike Moh, executive producer Scott Buck, Isabelle Cornish, Iwan Rheon, and Ellen Woglom.

PODCAST: Don S. Davis

Taped at a press conference at a convention, this talented actor relates his experience in playing General Hammond and his aspirations before his untimely passing.

PODCAST: John Fleck

Actor who played Sulibon leader Silik on Star Trek Enterprise talks about that role and his stage experiences.

PODCAST: Batman And Harley

From the roundtables are James Krieg and Bruce W. Timm about this interesting team up to bring down a world wide threat in this new animated series.

PODCAST: Everything Geek Feb 2017

Our first show of 2017 has us chatting up Netflix’s uprising as we chat about their programs. We look forward to Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 and Infinity War with some concerns on Thanos being CGI. On the reverse side we are cautious about The Batman and Wonder Woman. We also get on the whitewashing of ethnic characters in film.

PODCAST: Colony Season Two

Interviews I did at SDCC with Peter Jacobson,Tory Kittles, creator Ryan Condol, Adrian Pasdar,Amanda Righetti,Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callis.

PODCAST: Grimm Final Season

Interviews taped at the SDCC 2016 roundtables with Sasha Roiz, Silas Weir Mitchell.Bree Turner,Bitsie Tulloch,David Guintoli,Reggie Lee,Claire Coffee,David Greenwait and Jim Kouf.

PODCAST: Gary Morgenstein

Talented writer talks to me about scripting this audio play which was based on a stage play and how he adapted it.

PODCAST: Jayel Gibson

Over the years I have enjoyed many conversations with this talented author talking about her fantasy series and fantasy in general and how it relates to women. This is my first interview with her back in 2008.

PODCAST: Return Of The Caped Crusaders

A look at the new DVD that reunited Adam West and Burt Ward returning as Batman and Robin. There’s interviews with Adam West, writer Michael Jelenic, and producer James Tucker, There’s some fond reminscing and some good reflections from Adam West.

PODCAST: People Of Earth

Interviews from NYCC on this UFO Abductiion comedy-mystery with Wyatt Cenac,Michael Cassisy,David Jenkins,David Nunez,Francis Rizzom,Devin Jo Randolph,and Alice Watterlund.

PODCAST: Salem Season 3 Special

Roundtable interviews with Janet Montgomery, Shane West, Adam Simon and Brannon Braga talking the Devil coming to Salem in this pivotal season.

PODCAST: Supernatural Season 12

Roundtables interviews with Executive Producer Robert Singer, Mark Sheppard,Samantha Smith,Jensen Ackles,Jared Padalecki,Ruth Connell,Misha Collins,co-execcutive producer Andrew Dabb.

PODCAST: Spotlight: Sci-Fi Night

I chat with the host of this must see youtube series that looks at popular and interesting unknown sci-fi films. We chat about the production of the video series plus talking some of his episodes on Turkish horror, secret movie gems, best sequels and more.

PODCAST: Arrow Season 5 Special

Thanks to Geek Legacy’s Justin Cavender’s coverage of the Arrow roundtables I have interviews talking about a pivotal season five include Stephen Amell, Willa Holland, David Ramsey,Echo Kellum,Paul Blackthorne and Emily Bett Rickards.

PODCAST: Barry Bostwick

Talented actor talks about his role in Skirtschasers and his other webseries, Inside The Extras Studio. He also speaks quite candidly on the shadowcasts of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

PODCAST: Brain Dead Special

I attended a CBS Press day for this new series and participated in interviews with Tony Shaloub, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Aaron Tveit, and showrunners Robert and Michelle King.

PODCAST: Here Alone Cast

I sat down with actors Lucy Walters who is Anne, Gina Piersanti who is Olivia, and Adam David Thompson who is Chris in this post apocalyptic survival story with hard choices for the characters to make to ensure that survival.

PODCAST: Holidays Tribeca Roundtable

I sat down with Nicholas McCarthy who directed Easter, Adam Egypt Mortimer who directed New Year’s Eve and Sara Adina Smith who directed Mother’s Day in the horror anthology, Holidays.

PODCAST: Person Of Interest Season Five Special

The cast, producers and one of the series’ directors look at the final season. Giving their insights are Michael Emerson, Jim Caviezel,Kevin Chapman, Amy Acker, executive producers Greg Plageman, Margo Luilick and director Chris Fisher who directed the season five two-part opener.

PODCAST: Star Trek Anthology

A conversation with Jim Bray and Gary Karp about their fan film, Star Trek Anthology and what it means after the Axanar lawsuit from CBS.

PODCAST: Here Alone Special

I sat down with the award winning filmmakers of the post apocalyptic Here Alone which included director Rod Blackhurst, producer Noah Lang and writer David Ebeltott

PODCAST: Convergence Special

I speak to Laura Cayouette who plays Esther plus the film’s writer and director Drew Hall about their film that combines horror, fantasy and sci-fi elements in a tale of redemption, revenge and the lines between Heaven and Hell.

PODCAST: Everything Geek May 2017

Justin Cavender of Geek Legacy, Rod Faulkner Of The 7th Matrix, Tim Beyers of the Full Bleed join Tony Tellado of Sci-Fi Talk to talk about Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2, what's up with the growing cast of Infinity Wars, Marvel's upcoming Thor movie, my look at the Tribeca Film Festival

PODCAST: Into The Badlands Special

Roundtable interviews with Daniel Wu, Emily Beechum, Aramis Knight, fight director Stephen Fung, Martin Csonkas, and Orla Brady taped at New York Comic Con.

PODCAST: Grimm Season Five Special

Interviews from SDCC roundtables with the show runners, Jim Kouf, David Greenwalt and Norberto Barba plus the cast David Guintoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, Bree Turner and Reggie Lee.

PODCAST: Supergirl Special

Justin Cavender from the great Geek Legacy site covered the roundtables featuring interviews with Greg Berlanti, Mechad Brooks and Ali Adler.

PODCAST: Linda Andersson

Interview with this director who wrote, edited the animated The Grid: Outlet Zombie Maul. She talks about casting and getting this indie project that was partially crowd funded.

PODCAST: The Strain Season Two Special Edition

Interviews from SDCC include Corey Stoll, Ruta Gedmintas, Executive Producer Carlton Cuse, Miguel Gomez, Co-Creator Chuck Hogan, Natalie Brown, Jonathan Hyde ,Kevin Durand,Mia Maestro, Richard Sammel, and David Bradley.

PODCAST: Fear The Walking Dead Sessions Episode 1

Roundtable interviews for episode 1 include: Cliff Curtis, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Greg Nicotero, Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey. We chat about these new characters and what the world is like as the Walker Apocalypse is at the dawning stage.

PODCAST: Leah Cevoli

I talked to this talented artist after SDCC about her numerous panels there plus here work in Deadwood, Robot Chicken and the upcoming The Grid: Zombie Outlet Maul. Visit the film’s official page. And visit the All Shapes All Sizes Facebook Page

PODCAST: Riftworld’s Erin Karpluk

Interview with actor about her new web series, The Riftworld Chronicles plus working with old friend Tahmoh Penikett. She plays a feisty writer who meets a man from another dimension.

PODCAST: Dark Matter Special Edition

This special showcases the series with the press conference call with co-creator Joe Mallozzi, Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke and Marc Bendavid. Plus my full interview with Joe Mallozzi on the series creation airing before the regular podcast.

PODCAST: Indigenous Special

Red carpet interviews with cast at Tribeca 2014 with Sophia Pernas, Juanxo Villaverde,Lindsay McKeon,Laura Penuela, and Pierson Forde

PODCAST: The Survivalist And Lucifer From Tribeca Film Festival

Red Carpet interviews showcasing two films, The Survivalist about suriviving in a post apocalyptic world with little food and dangers near by and Lucifer as the fallen angel arrives on Earth for the first time and learns what powers he has. There’s interviews with cast members and one of the directors to gain insights on these two selected festival films.

PODCAST: Jack Rabbit At Tribeca 2015

Red carpet interviews taped at Tribeca Film Festival include promising director Carleton Ranney, co-writer and producer Destin Douglas plus actors Joselyn Jensen, Josh Caras and Christopher Noel.

PODCAST: Badland: Road To Fury

From NYCC interviews with Kody Smit-McPhee, Michael Shannon, Nicholas Hoult and writer/director Jake Paltrow in this engaging film that mixes SF and westerns with a dash of coming of age.

PODCAST: James Gurney

Who doesn’t love a world where dinosauers and humans co-exist. The illustrator and creator chatted with me at a convention in this vintage conversation.

PODCAST: Tracey Birdsall

Actor talks about producing and her role in the SF Time Travel film, At The Edge Of Time plus her comedy, Who’s Jenna Jameson.

PODCAST: American Gods Season One Special

We hear from showrunners Michael Green and Bryan Fuller plus the cast including: Ian McShane, Rikki Whittle, Emily Browning, Yetide Badki, Pablo Schrieber, Bruce Langley, Orlando Jones, Crispin Glover, and Kristin Chenoweth.

PODCAST: Journey Of The Dead

Special looking at the Walking Dead with roundtable interviews with Robert Kirkman, Frank Darabount,Andrew Lincoln, Jon Berenthal, Sara Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden,and Norman Reedus

PODCAST: Slamdance ’15 : Body

Co-Directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen chat with me for their Slamdance selected film Body about three young women with a dead body to deal with.

PODCAST: Grimm Season 4

Interviews taped at SDCC in 2014 at roundtables with David Guintoli, Russell Hornsby,Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Bree Turner,Claire Coffee,plus executive producers Noberto Barba,David Greenwalt,and Jim Kouf.