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Category: Sci-Fi Talk Scribes

Code Of Rainbow

Interview with author Weiqi Wang from his home in China about his fantasy series that mashes up fantasy with science.

Holly Bargo

Author of talks about her latest novel, The Eagle At Dawn

The Life Below

A chat with author Alexandra Monir whose novel deals with the possiblilty of life on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

Kameron Hurley

Author of the The Broken Heavens which concludes her Worldbreaker Saga.

Cory Doctorow

We dive into his very topical novella collection Radicalized that’s hits home in our present.

PODCAST: Sharon Shinn

Author of an interesting new audio series for Audible called Uncommon Echoes. Echoes are actually beings that look like the person that they follow but have no mind or personality.

PODCAST: Excellence

We chat about this new graphic novel series about Spencer Dales, a young African American magician and the secret order he must adhere to and yet also fight the good fight. .

PODCAST: Dead Moon

He has written a story of the moon being used as a graveyard for Earthlings. But there's something heading that way...And now it's an audio book from Audible. We also chat about his other works, Paradox Bound and his popular Ex-Heroes series.

PODCAST: Better Worlds

Nilay Patel tells me about this platform from The Verge for imaginative and multi-media cutting edge science fiction, Better Worlds

PODCAST: George R.R. Martin

First time novelist George R.R. Martin circa 1996 joined Ernest Lilley of SF Revu and myself to discuss his new novel which in present time is now an HBO Series.