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Genre News For 10/24/2017

New ‘Arrow’ Clip Confirms Bruce Wayne Exists in Arrowverse

The CW Develops DC Comics Adaptation ‘Project 13’

 “The Exorcist” Twist Explained

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ to Feature Marvel Studios’ First Bisexual Character

‘Justice League’: New Details Confirm Steppenwolf’s Relationship With Darkseid, Tease Doomsday Ties

Primal Fears and Haunted Paths: The Thin Line Between Fairy Tales and Horror Stories

Fede Alvarez Casts Sylvia Hoeks in ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’

[Review] ‘A Haunting in Salem’ Is Atmospheric but Forgettable

A Hidden Code Allows First-Person Gameplay in ‘The Evil Within 2’

Stranger Things Review: Season 2 Doubles Down on Monsters, Adds Heart But Plays Risky Waiting Game

Star Trek: Discovery is Renewed for Season Two!

Good Retcons and Bad B-Plots — Star Trek Discovery’s “Lethe”

Bloody Disgusting Adds Popular Creepypasta Show “CREEPY” To Podcast Network

Lovecraftian ‘The Untamed’ Awakens On VOD

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – New Character Bios Tease Story Details

Zoo: CBS Cancels Drama Series After Three Seasons

Star Trek: Discovery’: Voyage into the F-Bomb Frontier Follows a History of TV Cursing

Predator Motion Poster Released by 20th Century Fox

Star Wars Battlefront II Single Player Campaign is 5 – 7 Hours

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