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Tag: Andrea Romano

PODCAST: All Star Superman Special

Recorded Live At The Paley Center in New York are Voice Director Andrea Romano, Screenwriter Dwayne McDuffie and in a mini-press conference is actor Christina Hendricks who voices Lois Lane. Special thanks to Gary Mierneau. A Very Special Thanks to The Paley Center.

Andrea Romano Works Her Magic

Arguably the top animation voiceover director in the business today, Andrea Romano has been instrumental in orchestrating the vocal tones behind the first 10 DCU animated films, including All-Star Superman.

Andrea Romano Casting JLA Crisis

You need a voice echoing the All-American trust of Superman? Romano gets Mark Harmon for his maiden voyage in animation. You’re seeking a subtly evil performance as the intelligent-bordering-on-insane Owlman? James Woods is willing to do it from a little booth in Rhode Island.

PODCAST: JLA Doom At The Paley Center

Interviews with Tim Daly, Susan Eisenberg,Carl Lumbly and Carlos Alazraqui start off the podcast discussing their voice work from the project. Next there’s red carpet interviews with Kevin Conroy, Andrea Romano and Phil Morris. I also added excerpts from my last interview with Dwayne McDuffie on another JLA Project that applies so much to this project as well.