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Tag: Sci-Fi Talk Time Capsule

Podcast: Time Capsule

Interview comments on Glass with M Night Shyamalan, James McAvoy, and Samuel L Jackson. (Thanks to Universal Pictures) There's also an excerpt from the Audbile audio drama, Dead Moon. I'm on the red carpet with Tony Todd, Cress Williams, Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell for Reign Of The Supermen.

PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 328

In this jam packed episode are Navid Khonsari and Andres Perez-Duarte of Inkstories chatting about their award winning VR series, Fire Escape. Also joining me is Summer Brooks of Slice Of Sci-Fi discussing her on going podcast series. It was also super cool to to talk to Anne Hornaday, film critic of The Washington Post.

PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 326

Episode has Josh Holloway talking Colony season three plus Tribeca Film Festival interviews with writer, director and star Andrew Bowen of The 716th, Mitzi Peirone director of Braid, Nadia Alexander star of The Dark, Joycelyn Stamat director of Laboratory Conditions.

PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 313

Interviews include: Brittany Curran of The Magicians tells me the state of magic in that SyFy universe and Blacklist actor Harry Lennix on his own project Revival.

PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 309

From NYCC are executive producers Ron Moore and David Kantor talking about the new series, Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. I also chat with Mark Ramsey, the host and creator of the popular Inside The Exorcist podcast.