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Tag: Tribeca Film Festival

Bill Oliver

Interesting film about a man who has two distinct personalities sharing the same body but does not have a split personality disorder but a divided psyche. Played by Baby Driver's Ansel Elgort, he falls for his "brother's" girlfriend played by Suki Waterhouse. Film was selected for the Tribeca Film Festival.

PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 326

Episode has Josh Holloway talking Colony season three plus Tribeca Film Festival interviews with writer, director and star Andrew Bowen of The 716th, Mitzi Peirone director of Braid, Nadia Alexander star of The Dark, Joycelyn Stamat director of Laboratory Conditions.


1990s. Los Angeles. The Future Is Repeating Itself. Oh My God.

The Dark

Being a teenage girl is already difficult enough—so imagine also being an undead ghoul. That’s the horrible reality for Mina, a young woman who has been cursed to haunt her childhood home in the woods...


Innocent role-playing and dress-up quickly devolves into torture, madness, and bloodshed.


Interview with Joseph Cross who stars as Joseph Burns and his director Kasra Farahani about this interesting film of a man losing his sanity.

PODCAST: Here Alone Cast

I sat down with actors Lucy Walters who is Anne, Gina Piersanti who is Olivia, and Adam David Thompson who is Chris in this post apocalyptic survival story with hard choices for the characters to make to ensure that survival.

PODCAST: Holidays Tribeca Roundtable

I sat down with Nicholas McCarthy who directed Easter, Adam Egypt Mortimer who directed New Year’s Eve and Sara Adina Smith who directed Mother’s Day in the horror anthology, Holidays.

PODCAST: Here Alone Special

I sat down with the award winning filmmakers of the post apocalyptic Here Alone which included director Rod Blackhurst, producer Noah Lang and writer David Ebeltott

PODCAST: Fresh Meat

Conversations with actor Kate Elliott and director Danny Mulheron on theirhorror comedy Fresh Meat about a gang of criminals that take a family hostage not knowing that the family are cannibals. Taped during the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival.