The Sci-Fi Talk Story

Back in 1994, I had an idea for a sci-fi radio talk show for radio with dreams of national syndication in my head. I found a small station in New Jersey and a sympathetic co-host who helped get to the General Manager. The Newark Star Ledger even did a story on my humble little show.There was conflicts along the way and we barely made to season one when it was cancelled due to lack of advertisers. The first shows were a bunch of guys (too many) talking genre and pop culture but that was not what I wanted. I wanted much more. Through a bookstore owner I knew in Manhattan I have a call in interview with Michael O’Hare who was starring in Babylon 5 at the time. This was the hard road I wanted to go to be guest oriented rather than have a bunch of guys giving their opinion.

After a few years not doing anything I decided to buy air time on a New York station in 1996, and with Ernest Lilley we launched it on a 50,000 watt radio station. We started to get great guests George R.R. Martin, Joss Whedon and all looked like the show arrived. Ernest’s sharp witty comments with me anchoring the show made for good radio. Time Out New York and the New York Daily News even posted our up coming guests. But the money drained my bank account and due to lack of sponsers we failed again.

Ernest Lilley my co-host (SFRevu) suggested I try podcasting in 2005 and I signed on with pioneering Libsyn and as a podcast it was reborn. oVER 1,000,000 downloads later I had found an international audience. I stuck to having a guest driven podcast and included composers, writers, and other key contributors to genre entertainment. After podcasting a few years I created Time Capsule, a series withing my podcast feed that is a magazine interview driven podcast. There’s provided audio from the major studios on their upcoming genre films but also my own phone and in person interviews. I strive to cover these three events every year The Tribeca Film Festival, San Diego Comic Con, and New York Comic Con in addition to my own interviews. The convention interviews are usually roundtables (Hey I’m not Chris Hardwick) but I will have one-on-ones to. I conduct other interviews via Skype or phone.

Now I’m looking as always to take the podcast to another level.

This Blog

After transcribing a roundtable in 1998 with the Star Trek Insurrection cast, I got a 1,000 views a lot of that time. But I missed the boat in creating a quality blog. I appreciate the hard work involved but frankly I was trying to get back on the air.

After starting on WordPress.Com, I left so I could have ads on my blog to generate revenue. on Word Press I had some listener and reader interactions. So I left to wordpress.org and found a host for my blog. After years of making little money with ads and affiliate programs, I am back. And glad. For one I connect to readers and get their comments and also control costs. Additionally some revenue comes in too.

A TRANSITION: If you are a frequent visitor, you’ll notice a change….Going forward this blog will feature exclusively Sci-Fi Talk’s Podcasts, where you can listen and download and subscribe via Itunes. There will be headlines curated at my Scoopit Page    and SyFy Channel and DC Animation News. There are a lot of good genre news websites to visit but here I am all about my podcast..Thanks.

Tony Tellado

Use this contact form to say hi or maybe want to appear on the podcast.




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