Star Trek Discovery Special Edition

Interview: Alex Kurtzman And Heather Kadin

In many ways, this season felt very much like a much-needed reset from the previous one. The Klingon war is over, and the Federation is consumed by a new scientific pursuit: mysterious red bursts of light that have appeared across 30,000 light years.The scene that really drove home the reset was the formal roll call, where our bridge characters say their names—really, directly to the audience.It’s still baffling that we went an entire season without knowing most of the bridge crew’s names! Yes, we sort of got to know a handful of characters, but there are regular faces that we’ve seen many times on the bridge. If like the other shows, where the bulk of each episode happens in the nerve center of the ship, it would help to know who we’re interacting with. .  More


Star Trek: Discovery season 2 starts off faster and funnier

From the moment the starship Discovery encounters the iconic Enterprise in the opening moments of the first episode, it’s clear Star Trek: Discovery season 2 will be brighter and more adventurous than the gritty first season. You can watch the season premiere on streaming services around the world now, and it’s already set to be a more fun ride than the heavyweight first season. Season 2 of Discovery is on CBS All Access in the US and on Netflix around the world, with episode 1 available now. (Disclosure: CBS is CNET’s parent company.) The premiere episode, Brother, gets its title from a classic Star Trek character who will be a big part of the new season. But before that, the first episode picks up where season 1 left off as the starship Enterprise appears in space alongside the Discovery. More  


‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 Episode 1: Recap, Reactions, and Ruminations – “Brother”

Welcome back to the weekly Star Trek: Discovery recap, reactions, and ruminations posts! Star Trek: Discovery season 2 episode 1 gave us a lot of great things. But, before we get to that, a bit about this series of posts if you’re unfamiliar with them. Every week, a couple days after an episode drops, I briefly recap the episode, share reactions from my Star Trek community, and ruminate about the larger themes of the episode. These posts won’t be containing lengthy recaps, but, instead, focus on the basics of what we learn. Catch up on season one discussion of Star Trek: Discovery. The USS Discovery find the USS Enterprise in distress. After Tilly comes up with a brilliant way to communicate with the Enterprise, Captain Pike comes on-board the Discovery and takes command. As usual, Tilly is good for many laughs through the episode. Sarek is still on-board the Discovery, and we begin to learn a little bit about why we never knew Spock had an older foster sister. There were also some great father/daughter moments between Sarek and Burnham that show us their relationship is beginning to heal after the events of season one. There are strange signals coming from different points around the galaxy—signals that resemble a story from Burnham’s childhood.  More





Interviews include Sonequa Martin-Green, Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, Mary Wisemannn, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Shazad Latif, Mary Chiefflo, Wilson Cruz, Heather Kadin and Alex Kurtzman. Taped at Madison Square Garden during New York Comic Con. First of a series.


Actor talks about the upcoming season and what is ahead for her character of Michael Burnham. She touches upon Burham’s relationship with adoptive brother, Mr Spock. Roundtable recorded at NYCC.


The actor who will always be Spock chatted with me back in 2009 about his days with a small LA theater company, The Star Trek Episode, Naked Time plus appearing for JJ Abrams in the Star Trek movie and Fringe.


Dan Curry has worked on every Trek series from Next Generation to Enterprise. At the time there was an auction of over 40 of his items. We chat about that and the challenges eash of those series efx posed.


Talented artist scored the first season of Star Trek Discovery plus also scoring both Legion and Counterpart. He tells me what draws him to a project and the challenge of keeping the music fresh.


Actor who grew up in the business talks about his roles in Escape To Witch Mountain films, his role in Fantastic Journey and acting in Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan.


Vintage 1996 conversation with this Star Trek legend when he talked about his book, Beam Me Up Scotty. There’s candid observations on Star Trek plus his days in Europe following the invasion of Normany during World War Two flying for the Canadian Air Force.