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DC Universe

Shazam: What We Know So Far


Shazam! Part of the DC Extended Universe's upcoming film slate will be the story of youngster Billy Batson, who with one simple word can turn into the superhero Shazam, formerly referred to as Captain Marvel, an adult hero with powers ranging from super strength and flight to various forms of magic. [...]

No Mo’ Watchmen


From -Alan Moore doesn’t want them, and we should respect that... [...]

Fathom Has Batman And Harley Quinn


Warner Bros. Studios, DC Entertainment and Fathom Events are proud to announce a special, one-night cinema event for the latest DC Universe Original Movie, “Batman and Harley Quinn,” on August 14, 2017 in movie theaters nationwide. [...]

Injustice’s Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Might Be a Couple


From - The entire point of DC’s Injustice is to imagine a universe in which traditional canon is basically thrown out of the window in favor of a riveting series of what ifs. What if Superman became tyrannical despot? What if everyone had super strength? What if... Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle were lovers? [...]

Zack Snyder is “proud” of Wonder Woman


From - With fans, critics, and big names in the industry continuing to bestow an extremely positive reception upon Wonder Woman (including the likes of Joss Whedon, James Gunn and Ava DuVernay), arguably … [...]