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Star Trek Online Update


From - James writes - 'Captains of Star Trek Online, you should now all have access to the latest update to arrive in the game. But what exactly does the Season 13 – Escalation update bring to the table for players boldly venturing through the galaxy?' .....

PODCAST: Phillip Pine


He played Colonel Green who led a genecidal war in the 21st century in Star Trek history and played one of The Four Of Us Are Dying in the classic Twilight Zone. Veteran actor talked to me in the 1990’s about his experiences. .....

VR: Star Trek: Bridge Crew


The horizon holds many mysteries and wonders, but none quite as expansive as the final frontier. Star Trek: Bridge Crew lets you explore it in VR .....

PODCAST: Star Trek Memories Volume 1


Comments from actors and creators from the Star Trek Universe complied by personal and roundtable interviews. You’ll hear from Patrick Stewart, George Takei, John Billingsley,Alexander Siddig. Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Robert Picardo and more .....

PODCAST: Jason Matthew Smith


Actor talks working on the latest Star Trek adventure and new director Justin Linn. Plus he reflects on losing two members of the Trek family in Anton Yelchin and Leonard Nimoy. .....

Star Trek At 50 At The Intrepid


I visited the Intrepid in New York but not to see the original space shuttle, Enterprise but a new exhibit honoring Star Trek with props and costumes from all generations. You start off as a Starfleet Cadet and through series of interactive consoles take quizzes that show your skills for either engineering, sciences, medical and command. .....