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PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 335

This episode has Phil Bourassa discussing designing Doomsday in the animated Death Of Superman. David Lee of Webtoon talks a new contest for creators plus filmmaker Jonathan Berman on his movie, Calling All Earthlings.

PODCAST: Page Kennedy

Actor, rapper and man of many talents, I spoke to this actor about his role as DJ in The Meg. We chat about how the works of Shakespeare got him into acting and his football playing days.

PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 334

My Comic Con coverage starts with James Tucker Death Of Superman roundtable. I also chat with Connect author Julian Gough and Elizabeth Harvest director Sebastian Gutierrez.

PODCAST: Den Of Geek Party At SDCC

I had the pleasure of attending the Den Of Geek party at SDCC and talking to some of the party goers that included, Cory Doctorow, some of the cast and showrunner of the Nat Geo series, Mars.

PODCAST: Hex Comix

I chat with Lynly Forrest who is the editor and publisher and her colleagues, Kelly Sue Milano who is the head writer/VP of Development and Lisa K. Weber who is the artist and Creative Director.

PODCAST: Julie Nathanson

She has worked in the DC and Marvel animation universes in addition lending her vocal talents to the Mass Effect, Far Cry and Warcraft gaming universes.

PODCAST: Jon Paul Burkhart

Actor and one of the executive producers of the horror film Sick For Toys talks indie horror plus working for Clint Eastwood in Jersey Boys.

PODCAST: Time Capsule 332

I chat with horror writer Eric Witchey about his works. My horror vein continues as I chat with Christine Nyland and co-creator Terence Krey of the web series, Graves.

PODCAST: Summer Brooks

Pioneering podcaster who along with friends started Slice Of Sci-Fi when podcasting was young. The series is still on having your favorite SF celebrities and indie filmmakers. We chat about the podosphere, the podcast and what we like in geek entertainment.

PODCAST: Barney Burman

Oscar winning special effects make-up artist talks about directing his first feature in Wild Boar. He also reflects on his […]

PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 331

Author Amy Croucher Rose talks about her new fantasy series, Avaland and a look at UFO's through the first volume of The Outsider's Guide To UFO's with author James T. Abbott.

PODCAST: Stephan Franck

An interesting graphic novel about stealing Dracula's treasure as Van Helsing's descendant teams with a con man using Jonathan Harker's journal to lead the way to this prized find.

PODCAST: Time Capsule Episode 330

I speak to Angelique Roche' host of a new exclusive podcast on Amazon Alexa, Geeksplain produced by SyFy Wire. Looking at cool robot art with me is Artist Dave Pressler whose whimsical robots will be showcased in a new exhibit.

Craftsmen ›

Sam McCurdy

Cinematographer for Lost In Space, Carnival Row in addition to Pennyworth and an early season episode of Game Of Thrones.

PODCAST: Marcy Harriell

Talented actor plus clothes designer talks about her new show on bluprint called RE: Fashion which features Suit Up where she shows her designs for costumes of classic DC Comics characters.

PODCAST: Barney Burman

Oscar winning special effects make-up artist talks about directing his first feature in Wild Boar. He also reflects on his […]

Michael Wylie Legion Production Designer

We chat about the challenge of designing this Marvel adaptation of the acclaimed comic. Michael also talks about his designs for Grimm, Agent Carter, and his work as art director for Men In Black 2 and much more.

Interviews ›

PODCAST: Tom Stevens

The actor from Wayward Pines and now Deadly Class talks about playing and creating the character of Chester “Fuckface” Wilson. Podcast has explicit language.

PODCAST: Debbie Rochon

Actor who is well known to horror fans stars in Bloody Ballet. We chat about her career and the various textures of fake blood.


PODCAST: Mars Season Two Episode One

Complied from one-one and roundtable interviews from NYCC, SDCC and a special New York Mars event, this episode has interviews with scientists and the cast of Nat Geo's Mars. Interviews include: Jiahe, , Jeff Hephner,Historian Susan Wise Bauer, Martian author Andy Weir, former astronaut Leland Melvin, Dr Michio Kaku, Lucianne Walkowitz, Evan Hall, and Dr Stephen Petranek, author How We Live On Mars. Special thanks to Nat Geo, New York Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con.

Webtoon’s David Lee

If you're a comic creator this interview is for you. David Lee of Webtoon talks about how their original online comics dealing with up and coming comic creators. There's even a contest to attract these creators.

PODCAST: Doug Jones

I chatted with this talented and multi-faceted actor about his new role in the space opera Space Command plus his role as Cochise in Falling Skies

PODCAST: Tricia Helfer

My Best of series returns with a press conference with this model turned actor. She discusses playing a character on Burn Notice and the complicated relationship between Number Six and Baltar.

Sci-Fi Talk Byte ›

BYTE: Ewan McGregor

The actor plays Dan Torrance all grown up from his experience in The Shinning. SCI-FI TALK BYTE PODCAST

PODCAST: New Series Byte

From the Concept Artists Association Rachel Meinerding and Nicole Hendrix Herman talk about an award show for these talented artists. […]

Sci-Fi Talk Indie ›

PODCAST: Maria Pulera

A director who is working on her craft, produced and wrote this supernatural thriller about a young girl's body being possessed by the spirit of a former wife of Joe played by Nicolas Cage when the young girl dies. 

PODCAST: Bill Oliver

Interesting film about a man who has two distinct personalities sharing the same body but does not have a split personality disorder but a divided psyche. Played by Baby Driver's Ansel Elgort, he falls for his "brother's" girlfriend played by Suki Waterhouse. Film was selected for the Tribeca Film Festival.

PODCAST: Prospect Special

I chat with the film's budding star Sophie Thatcher who has appeared in season one of The Exorcist also her co-director Zeek Earl

PODCAST: Science Fair

I sat down with filmmaker Cristina Costantini, Science Fair contestant Kashfia Rahman and teacher Dr. Serena McCalla to discuss this amazing and hopeful film.

Sci-Fi Talk Scribes ›

The Life Below

A chat with author Alexandra Monir whose novel deals with the possiblilty of life on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

Kameron Hurley

Author of the The Broken Heavens which concludes her Worldbreaker Saga.

Cory Doctorow

We dive into his very topical novella collection Radicalized that’s hits home in our present.

PODCAST: Sharon Shinn

Author of an interesting new audio series for Audible called Uncommon Echoes. Echoes are actually beings that look like the person that they follow but have no mind or personality.

Sci-Fi Talk The First Season ›

PODCAST: James Marsters

Vintage interview as he was about to apear on Caprica. We chat Buffy, English accents, his film work and even his singing.

PODCAST: Kristanna Loken

Vintage 2005 conversation where we chatted about her role in Terminator 3 Rise Of The Machines and her own projects she was working on at the time.

PODCAST: Trillium Vein

This talented composer officially known as Natalie Paige Bentley tells me about her multi-media project Once Upon A Time that includes music, film and a book built for the character of Trillium Vein.

The Cave ›

Black Lightning Special

Interviews from SDCC with Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Marvin “Krondon” Jones III, and Jordan Calloway. Sci-Fi Talk Byte

PODCAST: Sam Littlefield Of Batwoman

Interview with Space IL's co-founders Yonatan Winetraub and Kfir Damari on their planning and launching a lunar landing and motivating young space fans. Airs on Nat Geo Channel

PODCAST: Jennifer Riker

She plays Dr Helga Jace in Black Lightning talks about that role plus roles in House Of Cards, Law And Order and an upcoming Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase.

PODCAST: Reign Of The Supermen Special

Red carpet interviews from NYCC with Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Romijn, Cress Williams, Patrick Fabian, Charles Halford, Nyambi Nyambi, Tony Todd, director Sam Liu, producer James Tucker, character designer Phil Bourassa, Jim Krieg and Tim Sheridan.

Time Capsule ›

Time Capsule Episode 363

Time Capsule 363 has Interviews include authors SL Huang, Devon C Ford, Geoffrey Arend of Batman Hush and actor Shoshanna Stern.

Time Capsule Episode 362

Interviews with Ben Aldridge of Pennyworth, Wonder Woman Bloodlines co-director Sam Liu and Arielle Kebbel of Lincoln Rhyme The Hunt For The Bone Collector.

Time Capsule Episode 361

This month there's Alan Tudyk of Resident Alien, Wonder Woman Bloodlines screenwriter Mairghread Scott, Michael Dorman and Tracy Stevens of For All Mankind plus F Murray Abraham and Ashly Burch of Mythic Quest Raven's Banquet.

PODCAST: Time Capsule 341

Interviews focusing on horror with Peter Mensah and Ariel Kebbel talking vampire love from Midnight Texas. Stella Maeve says that there is no trouble with Julia on The Magicians. Moving on to Good Omens, we were delighted at the roundtable with David Tenant and Michael Sheen. We also meet one of new ladies of Charmed in Madeline Mantock. Twilight is ten years old and director Catherine Hardwick looks back on the one that started it all.

Trek Capsule ›

PODCAST: Dan Curry

Dan Curry has worked on every Trek series from Next Generation to Enterprise. At the time there was an auction of over 40 of his items. We chat about that and the challenges eash of those series efx posed.

PODCAST: Jeff Russo

Talented artist scored the first season of Star Trek Discovery plus also scoring both Legion and Counterpart. He tells me […]

PODCAST: James Doohan

Vintage 1996 conversation with this Star Trek legend when he talked about his book, Beam Me Up Scotty. There’s candid observations on Star Trek plus his days in Europe following the invasion of Normany during World War Two flying for the Canadian Air Force.

Eliot Laurence

The creator of Motherland Fort Salem talks about putting this series together with some teases for season two. Hint: unique flashbacks.


Authors Tina Cesa Ward and Bin Lee talk about this comic that blends politics and robotics.


Author Robert Jackson Bennett talks about his book two of the Founders Trilogy with its fresh look at magic.


I speak to co-writer and director Eric Demeusy and actor Ryan Masson.

Bob Blanton

Author tells me about his Delphi Federation and Stone series.

The End Of Quantum Reality

Interesting film about our reality as I speak to Rick Delano, who is the driving force to this film. An interesting exchange of ideas.