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PODCAST: Fear The Walking Dead Sessions Episode 1

Roundtable interviews for episode 1 include: Cliff Curtis, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Greg Nicotero, Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey. We chat about these new characters and what the world is like as the Walker Apocalypse is at the dawning stage.

Fear The Walking Dead Season Three Key Art

New Fear The Walking Dead Art work features Nick Clark (Frank Dillane), and tagline “Fear What You Become,” work together to represent the idea that the person you become in the new world is more brutal, savage and heartless; and capable of things that were unimaginable before the dead began to walk.

Daniel Wu’s Journey Into The Badlands

Born in California and made a name for himself in Hong Kong, Daniel Wu returns with very cool martial arts SF series that blends the martial arts of The Matrix and post apocalypse sensibilty of The Walking Dead (Minus Walkers).