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Tag: Horror

PODCAST: Rust Creek

A conversation about Lunacy's first big film produced by Stu Pollard about a coming of age story of a young girl who has to form an uneasy alliance to over come outlaws in present day rural America. Film has women in key roles including director.

PODCAST: Debbie Rochon

Actor who is well known to horror fans stars in Bloody Ballet. We chat about her career and the various textures of fake blood.

PODCAST: Patrick Lohier

We chat about his supernatural overtones novel about Ludwig Mason, a down and out marine tasked with finding a rare deck of tarot cards. Interesting publisher is the multi-platform, Adaptive.

PODCAST: Sebastian Guiterrez

Interesting chat with director of this modern take on Bluebeard but so much more with a stellar cast of Carla Gugino and Ciarán Hinds plus Dylan Baker, Matthew Beard and […]

PODCAST: Jon Paul Burkhart

Actor and one of the executive producers of the horror film Sick For Toys talks indie horror plus working for Clint Eastwood in Jersey Boys.

PODCAST: The Dark At Tribeca Film Festival

From the red carpet I chat with actors Nadia Alexander who plays Mina, Toby Nichols who is Alex and their director Justin P. Lange. Then at the Roxy Hotel, I hosted a roundtable with Justin P. Lange and Nadia Alexander on this interesting horror character film.

PODCAST: Joshua Leonard

Talented actor talks to me about his latest role in the Steven Soberbergh directed, Unsane. We also chat about his indie career that began with The Blair Witch Project and has led to him writing and directing movies.

PODCAST: Micah Gallo

Talented first time director has this interesting Kickstarter project for his film, Itsy Bitsy that combines mythology, urban legends, and a dark fairy tale about a young mother fighting for her children against and old and terrifying spider-like creature.

PODCAST: The Betrothed’s Jim Lane

I chat with the director of the Betrothed where a young woman is kidnapped by a derranged family. Interesting comments on how he views today’s film industry and indie films.

PODCAST: Big Ass Spider

From the New York Comic Con Roundtables with Greg Grunberg and Lombardo Boyar on giant spiders, movie sets and having a good time.